The Story Of How I Fell In Love And Found My Self✨

Hiya my names B, and this is my first time writing a blog😳so I thought I tell my favorite story..the story of how I fell in love…🙈 I’m not going to use the real names within the story❤️

It was my final year of school, it was a hard time of year. I had recently fallen out with my friends, and by this point I had been part of almost EVERY friendship group in the entrie year!! There were 2 groups left, the “nerdy” group, full of people I have never even spoke to. Or just a group of 4 girls, i soon became close with 2 of the girls due to them being in a few of my classes. They soon invited me to join them at break and I was nervous I kneeboarding I couldn’t mess this up this was my last year of school I need some friends.. surprisingly the girls were really nice and we got on really well! I had spoke to them all a couple of time before but never closely. I few weeks passed and I started to create a friendship with them all, I was even asked to go to one of the girls “birthday/fireworks night sleepover” I really felt like I had connected with the girls and actually made some genuine friends. Even though it had only been 3 months I felt like they were my best friends!

It came to the night of the “sleepover” we went to the cinema, out for food and went to a local football ground to watch the fireworks. We went back to my friends…let’s call her “Martha”… we went back to Martha’s and set up all the beds ect. We then thought we would start prank calling some people we know so me and Martha decided to call a boy we both had relationships with … let’s call him “Tyler” … we called Tyler and that was fun, then one of the girls … let’s call her “Donna” … decided we will call one of her friends … let’s call him “Ronan” … we called Ronan, and when I heard his voice I froze, the voice was perfect and I wanted to put a face to the voice. I asked Donna if she had feelings for Ronan and she told me no. And my heart skipped a beat I was so happy!!!

The next day everyone went home, myself, Martha and Martha’s cousin … lets call her “Charlotte” … went into town. We went into sub way and while we were sitting there all I could think about was Ronan, and how amazing his voice was! I decided to try to stalk him on instagram, unfortunately his account was private so I thought what the heck I’d follow him. His the first boy I had even taken an interest in since Tyler and I thought what’s the worst that could happen…

** S I D E N O T E **

I feels as if I should tell you the story of me and Tyler…

Me and Tyler started to message each other about April 2015. We became really close and I started to gain feelings for him! And when I told him this he cut me out of his life completely..I then moved on and found someone else, then Tyler decided to come back into my life. I had to end it with the boy because all of my feelings for Tyler came rushing back. It got to the September of 2015 when I realized I had feelings for Tyler again and I decided to tell him and once again he cut me out of his life.

It was November/December time I was talking to someone new, and he was a jerk! He treated me life shit, we were out in town one day and I saw Tyler and my heart sank, all of those feelings came flooding back. Me and the boy soon parted ways. I started to talk to Tyler again and things were going well and he explained to me everything that was going on in his life and told me why he kept cutting me out of this life, he then finally told me he had feelings for me. We got together New Year’s Eve, the relationship didn’t last long, it must had been the begging on February 2016, and we broke up! He moved on days later and at this point I was done with boys I was tired of being messed around so I thought I concentrated on myself for a year or two then look at getting into a relationship.

I got on with my life and nothing exciting happened, until August 2016 Tyler decided to pop back into my life. When I say Joan name come up on my phone I didn’t feel a thing, at this point me and a boy named … let’s call him “Adam” … we’re really close, not in a romantic way a best friend sort of way and he knew all of the drama that happened between me and Tyler and told me not to reply. Stupid old me did! And normally whenever I messaged him I would be excited when waiting for his reply but this time was different. I realized I was done playing his games and I wasn’t going to a mug anymore. I wasn’t going to the girl he keeps coming back to time after time. I stupidly decided to meet up with him in the September and that’s when I knew I was over him… when I look back at the times we were talking I realized I was never in love with him…I was just happy to have someone to talk to and someone who “cared” for when in reality he didn’t. Even though inbetween our time of knowing each other we dated other people I feel as if he’s the reason I’m so strong today he showed me what a real assh*le looked like and he taught me how to spot them!

It was coming up to a year of me being single and then I took a dive and thought I’d give love one more shot I needed to put a face to the voice of Ronan so I did. And boy am I glad I did😍😍😍😍


Ronan is my FIRST / LAST love!!!

** S I D E N O T E O V E R **

I followed Ronan and seconds later he accepted my request, we done that flirty Instagram thing were you like all of each others pictures and what not as cheesy as it sounds. I waited about 10 minutes for him to DM me and he didn’t I felt my heart slowly breaking and I though I should message him! I should wait on him to message me I can message him. So I messaged him and sat on the chat waiting for him to reply I was that excited!! We spoke for about half hour on DM and then he asked for my Snapchat! We spoke all day and later that night he said to me… “ I know it’s soon, but would you like to start “talking talking” which in other words is start talking romantically. I didn’t even think about an answer I said yes straight away! We agreed to meet on the Friday, the week dragged I looking forward to Friday I was both nervous and excited! We spoke every day and night non stop and I started feeling a feeling I had never felt before…I was falling in love with him! The day I was due to meet him Donna told me she had feelings for him…this became a real spanner in the works…my response wasn’t the best, but I was pissed I asked her and she straight up lied to me and I said to her “well I’m meeting him tonight and we’re talking to each Other so!”…it’s bitchy I know but I was mad!

We met each other that night and I could feel the spark flying between us, I had never felt this way about anyone ever! I had even told my parents I was going to meet him! And I would never tell them I was meeting a boy so that’s how I knew I was serious! I explained to him about the whole Donna thing and he was fine he never had any interests in Donna he was friends with her younger brother and really didn’t like her. We agreed to meet each other the week after and we went back to his. Things felt awkward within the group but I didn’t care I was in love. We went to his on the Friday after school and we watched “Get Hard” which if I’m honest is a pretty funny film! We were cuddled up and I was waiting for him to ask me to be his girlfriend! Even though it had only been like 2 weeks I wanted to be his girlfriend. He pulled my head in and KISSED ME!!! It was so passionate and I could feel my body tingling! He then walked me half way home, and this is when I thought he was going to ask but he didn’t..I met my dad and walked home with disappointment thinking he was never going to ask me.

I invited him over to mine on the following Tuesday, we cuddled and watched films and even had a few cheeky kisses. It was about a hour before his bus…and we were talking about relationships and he says “would you want to be my girlfriend” and my heart must have skipped about 10 beats I was so happy I was over the moon!!! I said yes..obviously.

I stayed friends with the girls through out school we did part from Donna and another girl at the begging on 2017 but I made it to prom with friends by my side

** unfortunately me and Ronan couldn’t go together as we didn’t go to the same schools but we got a nice cute photo together **

…until we had a MASSIVE aeguement at prom about Ronan and the made me choose…and I chose him! He came and picked me up from prom and we went back to his and honestly prom couldn’t have been better!

2 years down the line and I’m still as happy as I was that day. Ronan has shown me there is no need for me to be insecure and there is no need for me to hide myself from who I really am. Yes I still have my insecurities..but who doesn’t! Ronan makes me the happiest girl and that’s all that matters. After meeting Ronan that November of 2016 I had found myself and I became me! And I became the best version of me I could possibly be, and I can’t thank him enough for that! I love him with all my heart!!!

I hope you enjoyed my FIRST blog, if so follow my blog for more! If not tell me how I could improve!

Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.

Thankyou for reading, “The Story Of How I Fell In Love And Found My Self✨”

This is me singing off, Until next time!

love to you all … B x